I recently met another tribe of incredible women here in Lagos, Portugal. One of whom, in just a small space of time has opened

Wild Women

Sometimes when we search for love, we are only ever searching for ways to fall in love with ourselves and who we truly are!

Fear + Failure

2019, you terrify me! Something about striving to finally settle and have my own home (my intention for 2019) physically catches my breath, tightens

2018, in no particular order…

As I sit and type from Bingin, Bali, in a little oasis of calm after the energy of NYE. I can’t help but already

F**k it!

From a young age we come to believe that we need to look a certain way or be a certain type of person to

The Solo Traveller

The past few months I have mostly been travelling solo. I set off on my journey, just me, prepared to enjoy my own company


There is an old school of thought that people travel to find themselves. It suggests all the travellers out there, exploring the wonders of

The Guru

Stepping out of the taxi, sweaty, dirty and grateful to be here, I am washed by a sense of heritage, finding myself in a

Be You Bravely

Here I am, in Rishikesh, Northern India – the home of yoga. A hub of creativity where locals and tourists thrive together in a

Trust In The Timing Of Your Life

I have always loved the saying, ‘trust in the timing of your life’. For me it sums up all the freedom I want to embody:

My Lesson In Vulnerability

I was recently advised I needed two things to help build my new venture, Be Wild + Free. These two things were: 1.      Content,

Vision Boards: why i love ’em

Me talking about how and what little trusty routines I do at the end of each year to get me ready for whats to come. The process I go through to get clear on what goals I want to achieve to create the type of life I am passionate about living. It’s simple and believe me, it has truly worked.


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