Welcome to be wild + free ~ a blog by freelance event producer and yoga teacher Kat Hartigan. I am passionate about life, meditation, tattoos, travel, fresh food, facing my fears, surf and generally all things related to the ocean and the great outdoors…

I believe life is a fragile gift and we owe it to ourselves to live, move and be forever a little Wild + Free; making the most of every day, living intuitively and constantly looking for inspiration in everyone and every little thing around us.

I found yoga at a time in my life when I lost balance and felt no self-worth, during a period of real struggle with grief, shame and loss.

My yoga practice continues to give me the space to move inwards and allows me daily to listen to my heart, surrender into the moment and simply be myself… And, all whilst bringing a sense of acceptance and gratitude onto my mat with me every single day. I stopped living in my head, listening to the chatter of my mind and started living in the here and now.


As a yoga teacher I provide a safe warm space for us to explore together ways to connect the breath with creative movement, allowing the breath to anchor you mindfully in the present. I invite you to embrace an opportunity to rest, relax and reconnect with yourself, your intuition, your creative spirit and your heart. Inviting in a little peace and ease of being. I believe yoga is for everyone and a tool we all can use to improve our lives in countless ways.

This website is a creative space for me to express who I am and a means for me to bring a little colour into my life and hopefully, the lives of others.  These pages will explore yoga, meditation, travel, surf, my odd little routines that keep me grounded and all the little things that catch my eye and make me smile.

It will discuss my core values, what they are and how they help me choose my actions and thoughts. A few values that guide me daily are to laugh more, explore life with constant curiosity, stay humble and always follow my heart, be forever kind to myself and all others, and above all live every moment  with a grateful heart, embracing who I truly am ~ Wild + Free.


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