I recently met another tribe of incredible women here in Lagos, Portugal. One of whom, in just a small space of time has opened my heart and taught me loads. One thing in particular, was just how important it is to play.

Life is a beautiful and tough thing to muddle through at times. Play is a way of letting go, of not taking ourselves too seriously and teaching us to surrender.

I’m not going to lie, I am so incredibly blessed to live a life I love – a little cocoon of a home somewhere warm, friends with hearts of gold and the patience of saints, the freedom to travel, a career doing something I love, and my health. I’m a free-spirited little bundle of possibilities and passion.

I am open to admit that I find it challenging at times to really let go and get out of my head. Playing: be it on my mat, in the waves or laughing with good friends as we watch the sun go down…. These are my moments to let go, reconnect and learn to trust myself again.

Sometimes the past and emotional memories rise up and bite you in the ass. You find yourself feeling old hurts and pondering missed opportunities. Thing is, that’s ok. Every single piece of me is just as it should be…. My journey to where I find myself today, living my very best life, is a result of those pains, the love of some incredible people, hard work and the ability to be vulnerable enough to ask for help when its needed.

The next thing I know I need to tackle and something I’m trying to work on every day, one step at a time, is letting go. Learning day by day to play more, laugh more, be more interested in others and careless about the judgements of others. I mean, in the waves sometimes you catch a good wave and sometimes you fall off backwards with no style or finesse…. Does it really matter?

I so often get caught up in my feelings and thoughts, giving away my power by allowing fear and control to stop me from playing, moving and being all I can be. I catch myself fuelling my fears, letting them navigate me and caring far too much about the thoughts and judgements of strangers. And, let’s not forget the harshest critic of all, ourselves!

In my life right now I’ve been really struggling to let go in the water – to get out my head, pop up and ride. I’ve had this senseless anxiety about letting go, allowing myself to ride the face of wave and release control…. And I know it’s not really anything to do with the water and the waves…. It’s about me. It’s about trusting myself, being ok with making a complete tit of myself at times and most of all it’s about allowing myself to play. When I play, I have no choice but to surrender, relax, release…. It leaves me lighter, happier and freer to be and do whatever makes me smile. It allows me to shine.

It has taken me 30 odd years to realise I am a sensitive soul. I am easy to love, hard to trust and as loyal as they come… or at least I think I am! But ,the more I play the more I can learn to trust, to let myself relax into being me, the more I find myself enjoying my life in unexpected ways, cherishing my freedom and letting life lead me to incredible opportunities and meet like-minded souls. When I play I create space for the unexpected and even a little magic!

Honestly, I think we all need to play more. We should all have play-time, like we used to back at school.  Playing, especially when surround by the people who love and accept us for all our imperfect ways and nuisances, is a thing of wonder. E.E. Cummings writes, that:

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit”

I mean, we only live once and it’s a beautiful and fleeting thing, this thing called life. We deserve to enjoy it. Do we not?

This post is dedicated to a very inspiring woman…. She knows who she is

Love ya, Rachelle

Now go play!


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