Wild Women

Sometimes when we search for love, we are only ever searching for ways to fall in love with ourselves and who we truly are!

I personally have spent far too much time wondering why I’ve not found love or more specifially, a partner and someone who accepts me just as I am. The truth is the only person who’s love I have ever needed is my own. It takes true courage to self love wholeheartedly, to live moment by moment following your intuition and belong to nobody but yourself.

It has taken time, yet fiinally step bet step, I am learning to not only accept but L O V E myself for the woman I am. And, along my journey of self acceptance I have become one of the many W I L D  W O ME N whom I admire so much. Sophie, Sara, Mal, Jess, Luc, Elly, Abbey, Katie & Jules (my Portuguez goddesses, Maria, Mel, Imogen, Mia (my fellow yogi’s from India), Magi and Vanessa (from the Nepalese Mountains) Elli B & Sandra (Chacahua chica’s), Lucia (my Bali dance partner), Julia, Miriam and Ciara (my Sri Lankan surfing dream team), Vic, Jen and Rose (the ladies of MKTG), Mune and Tiff (my USA family) and finally my family of choice, Alannah, Vivster, Auntie Venna, Bex, (Dr) Rochelle, Kasia, Charlotte and Claire!

 Bali, Dec 2018 Bali, Dec 2018

“Wild woman are an unexplainable spark of life
They ooze freedom and seek awareness, they belong to nobody but themselves yet give a piece of who they are to everyone they meet
If you have met one, hold on to her, she’ll allow you into her chaos but she’ll also show you her magic

— Nikki Rowe

These women, and so many more, who I have met these past few years and months, have taught me the importance of having strong women behind you, in front of you and basically all around. There’s something incredibly refreshing when you learn to embrace and accept other females. To allow them in, opening to the strength and vulnerability we collectively share. I never thought I was a feminist but heck, having wild women around you really does set your soul on fire and give you confidence. I mean, if we can believe in each other, we have to believe in ourselves too, right?

I am grateful beyond words to wholeheartedly state that my life is a gift. I have learnt to protect myself, love myself and set boundaries in all areas of my being, enjoying my careers whilst choosing to actively build a new chapter of my life living close to the ocean down on the south coast of Portugal. I have worked hard to create healthy routines for my body, mind and spirit. I actively have made space to devote my time to the things I love and trust in: yoga, meditation, surf and generally moving in the great outdoors as much I can. And of course, lets not forget making time to rest and enjoy it all, sharing precious moments with these incredible women along the way. Each of these women have passion, drive and their own unique fiery spirit that continue to spur me on in my own journey and growth.

“The only way to be a woman of change in this world, is to walk what you talk and set your own soul free first”

— Nikki Rowe

 Bali, Dec 2018 Bali, Dec 2018

We all get times when we feel like giving up, so having these women close gives me the strength to stay focused, dig deep and more than anything, they give me a family to fall back on. A safety net that helps me risk big and believe in myself more. It’s a joy to love these women. Plus, as I get to know myself more, they have taught me to love, to be open to the endless possibilities we have to inspire, be vulnerable and how we can continue to encourage each other along our wild ways.

2019, you are the year I embrace my wild female soul and set it on fire… I thank these women for all they have shared and continue to do to inspire not only be, but an endless amount of other women too.

To all the women out there, my advice to you is this…. Find your tribe and stick with them. They will always be there, always love you and demand you love yourself more. You only need a few, but when you do open those gates the love and compassion that floods into your life is overflowing and priceless.

Stay forever Wild + Free and know in doing so, you inspire others



p.s. I met my Portuguez goddesses on a Mad To Live retreat run by the incredible Sophie. Find out more about the Mad To Live: the ultimate women’s fitness and adventure retreats, along with all the inspiring work Sophie does to empower women at https://wearemadtolive.com and instagram: Madtolivereatreats

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