2018, in no particular order…

As I sit and type from Bingin, Bali, in a little oasis of calm after the energy of NYE. I can’t help but already feel excited and grateful for who I am, where I am and the people I am surrounded by. It’s the perfect time to reflect and in no particular order, state out loud my intentions for 2018, so here goes…

2018 was the year I learnt to embrace the body I have, whilst on a journey to fall in love with my true self. I actively devoted time to observe how I talk to myself. I learnt to move my body with new found courage, trying to cultivate a mentality of being carefree, freeing myself from giving importance to other people’s expectations or judgements. 2018, was officially my year of gratitude. I am utterly  and completely grateful for all the adventures shared, new ways I’ve found to move my body, lessons learnt, the time I actively took to listen to my intuition and enjoy moments spent in stillness.

It was a true year of reflection, cultivating compassion and actions taken with real purpose. I devoted time learning how reconnect to myself, and how to disconnect from those in my life who took more than they give. Learning to set healthy boundaries and to embrace time alone, stopping to enjoy the moment on my own terms.

 If I had to sum up 2018 in three words I would choose on reflection: joy, movement and gratitude. Three amazing words for a year that has changed the trajectory of my life. 

2019 is the year I cultivate more kindness. Learning to make better choices that are kinder to our planet, the oceans specifically, but also to each other. A year to explore maintaining the joy I have taken huge pleasure in embracing in 2018 and staying true to myself as I take big steps to start laying foundations to have my own home! And all of course whilst continuing to meet and learn from all the inspiring people who stumble, short or long term, into my world.

2019 is my year of courage: trusting in the process, letting go of my fear of money, embracing the people I love and loving myself more and more as I take huge steps towards restructuring my life to put joy as my central core value. A year of commitment: committing to doing what brings me joy, even when it’s tough and life is testing my strength and determination. And finally, a year of putting down roots. Laying the foundations and building myself a life and space of my own. A place to retreat to when I need to be still, a space to invite and share with all the incredible people I have meet and most importantly: a space to stretch and breathe in daily. A sacred area to build healthy routines and make time everyday to explore my body through movement whilst being letting go, being silly, dancing, singing, moving and just being me – Wild + Free!

Maybe reading back I’ve got four words as my intentions for 2019, and that’s ok. They are kindness, courage, commitment and roots. 

So my questions for you this week are the following (in no particular order and without too much thought):

•      What are you grateful for from 2018?

•      What words sum up your experiences on reflection?

•      What are your intentions for 2019? 

•      What words come to mind for your New Year?

 The thought of all that is to come or might come (keeping my expectations low and staying flexible) makes me smile and fills me with excitement. Life, every day is a gift that keeps on giving if you truly open your eyes and see the beauty and love all around.

I wish each of you the very best and oodles of happiness for 2019.


This week my blog is devoted to my family. The people who have stayed with me through my craziness and loved me regardless. In no particular order: Bex and Ad, Venna and Allan, Pops Anderson, Craggle, Carlos, Mary, Aliyah and my Dad. Claire and Gareth, Charlotte, Glen, Imogen, Stuart (you’ll always be Littleman to me, little bro), Daniel, John, Vic, Vivster and her awesome little family, Rochelle, Ed and the adorable baby Theo. Sophie (you gave me back my ability to believe in myself again). Joseph, Jamie, Vince, Darren, Mune, Tiff, Cary (NYC) and Cary (Austin). Brittany and those adorable dogs! Kasia, you are my rock!

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