Vision Boards: why i love ’em

I am a creative soul who, for as long as I can remember, has always LOVED collecting images.

For years, I have been that annoying person who has ripped out pages from the inflight magazine and taken that key article from the hairdresser’s copy of Vogue… I would literally scrounge images, words, sayings, colours samples and postcards from all kinds of sources and save them up for a very specific purpose.

Towards the end of each year, like clockwork, I start to reflect on the year about to end. I bring to mind achievements, what and who I’ve lost (the impermanence of life), the lessons learnt and how they have helped me grow personally and spiritually…

It is a humbling little ritual, one that makes me wholeheartedly grateful for life and those we love. It helps me know myself more and gives me space to acknowledge my journey and reflect with curiosity. It is also a way for me to get really clear about what’s next: what goals will the New Year be filled with, what values will I build my life on and how will they shape my actions? 

And, this is where all those wonderful images come in and I start to be all-creative… My vision board!

Yes, I usually light a candle and sit around in my PJs with music on in the background (Iron & Wine’s new album this year) as I start to visualise and literally piece together all these token scraps.

For me, the simple task of thinking about deciding what to use makes me question some huge areas of my life: my career, my health, my relationships… it requires me to really search inside and feel the type of life I want to live. It gives me courage and goals to strive for. Passions to keep me smiling and at times, intuitive + creative ways to get there! 

Above and below are some sections from the vision board I created this time last year. It’s kept me on track during what has been one of the toughest years I’ve had to date. It became a visual reminder at my lowest points of what would make me smile and the type of person I wanted to be. And, you know what… it truly helped!

This year I walked away from a career I’d been building for over 10 years and started afresh.  I let go of those who weren’t adding to my life and learnt to set personal boundaries. I nursed a broken heart and gave myself permission to feel sad… I lost several people young and old, who meant the world to me and I took time to show myself love and kindness during my grief

In the midst of all the devastation and loss, I found the courage to train and qualify as a yoga teacher! I went on a fitness retreat where I surfed, practiced yoga, ran, biked and generally used my body to its limits ~ even jumping of a 32 foot high dam! I started to truly embrace being the awesome woman I am, but never really believed I could be. I consciously started eating to support my health and to appreciate my body for the gift it is. I let go of old stories of not being good enough and made space for new beliefs ~ embraced my loves, fears and said FUCK YOU to the shit that had been holding me back… And, then went after my desires anyway! And, you know what… I can feel how much lighter I am in my own skin + how much happier I am being me.

Sure, not everything has come true…. (Not yet anyway!) but that’s all about having patience and I’m happy to enjoy the journey. The true gift is I know who I am now more than ever, I know my values and I finally appreciate that life is a beautiful, fragile and a once in a life time blessing ~ one I intend to make the most of in 2018. And, just incase I get lost along the way, I always have my vision board to check back in with, to make sure I’m aligning with my values, my goals and to remind me how far I’ve already come.

Live & Love Wild + Free.


Watch this space for more updates as I continue on this journey creating a life that makes me laugh often, keeps my heart full of love and a smile on my face…

Plus, this is my first ever blog, so any thoughts or comments please, please let me know… 

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